There reigns an informal, welcoming family atmosphere in this, the house’s lounge. Far from the bustle outside, wrapped in memories that gently envelop your thoughts, rooms rich in emotion that evoke a home-like intimacy with the typical aroma of Italian coffee immediately conjure up Italy’s generous hospitality.

A setting where time seems to stretch before us as we are lulled by steaming coffee and the familiar scents of a true home, in an elegant lounge where a variety of cakes are served, as well as the best local pastries and a selection of sweet wines and liqueurs wines and typical Italian beverages, all served complete with the hospitality a home offers to a special guest, to a friend.


Breakfast for guests at DolceAmarcord is a rather special gastronomic experience, with a choice of traditional, local products coming exclusively from Tuscan farms, expertly prepared and served with a tried and trusted extra: our heart.